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            Are You Facing Any Of These 34 VERY Common Dog
Behavioral Issues Right Now With Your Own Dog?

 1. Pulling on The Leash

2. Jumping On You or Other People
3. Not Coming When Called (Recall)

4. Toilet Training Issues
5. Mouthing and Biting Issues
6. Crying When Left All Alone
7. Not Responding To Your Commands
8. Digging Issues
9. Chewing Issues
10. Problems With Stealing
11. Separation Anxiety Issues
12. Aggression Towards Other Dogs
13. Agression Towards Your Other Dogs

14. Aggression Towards Strangers
15. Aggression Towards You
16. Aggression Towards Other Objects
17. Aggression Towards Other Animals

18. Barking At The Front Door
19. Barking While You’re On Walks

20. Barking While In Your Car
21. Barking Around Your Property
22. Barking When Home Alone
23. Issues With Hyperactivity
24. Excessive Licking or Chewing
25. Attention Seeking and Following
26. Issues With Tail Chasing
27. Jumping Up On Your Furniture
28. A Fear of Objects
29. A Fear of Other People or Dogs
30. Issues With Running Away

31. Fear of Loud Sounds (Fireworks etc.)
32. Issues With Submissive Urination
33. Unique and Unexplained Obsessions
34. Eating Poop (Coprophagia)

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Obedience Training For Dogs Online

Obedience training for dogs online is a first class dog training program put together by New Zealands  acclaimed dog training author Daniel Abdelnoor otherwise known as Doggy Dan, the number one professional dog trainer and dog behaviour expert,

containing over 100 detailed dog training videos from A to Z  and much more regarding other dog  issues you may come across, from house training puppies to training older dogs to obey your commands a must go to guide for dog owners every where for the perfect answers to all your questions .

start your trial for just one dollar Today

With The Online Dog Training program,  discover proven, simple, and gentle training  methods that you can use for any age or breed of dog. This membership site and video training system has four sections.
In section 1, you will learn how to become a pack leader;
section 2 is about training your puppy to become a wonderful dog;
section 3 covers the effective solution to  bad behavior problems;
and in section 4, you will learn how to understand your best friend. 
obedience training for dogs online
whether you are trying to train your dog to come when called, sit, stop barking or any other command you will find it here just click any of the links on this page to go to the main site plus free videos included.
 over a hundred videos on dog training techniques teaching you what you need to  do to get the perfectly trained obedient dog.
obedience dog trainining online
The first part of the training is easy; you must win over your dogs mind by becoming the pack leader, If you don’t achieve this from the start  you will  struggle to control the dog,   this first stage is crucial to achieving fast results that are long lasting and very important for  developing  a greater bond with your dog,
From day one when you first get your little puppy he or she must be taught to understand that you are the master or the pack leader no one else only you,if this is not achieved in the early days your puppy will just do what it wants and refuse to obey any of your commands just doing what it wants to do,if you don’t establish who the pack leader is early  on then controlling the dog becomes very difficult.
Your dog looks to you to make all the decisions so its very important to get the idea that you are the pack leader right from the start. Remember dogs are pack animals and the leader is someone to look up to and keep them safe and fed just like wolves do in the wild, following a pack order from the Alpha male and female down to the young pups. once the pack leader is established training your puppy becomes easy from the word go from toilet training to coming to you when called etc…  
Police dogs are a good example they look to their master all the time when working with crime scenes and the bond between dog trainer and dog is the crucial part of the training as the dog knows his trainer is the pack leader and obeys all his commands the same is true at dog shows you see the dog is watching his owners every move and follows everywhere over and under the obstacles. 
Before you do any training with your dog watch one of these amazing videos  showing you the 5 Golden rules to establishing yourself as the pack leader.CLICK HERE
The second key to success is to get your dog happy and motivated. It is imperative you find out what  your dog enjoys both in  exercise and play but also in terms of a reward. If you make the  training experience enjoyable for you both then you will both achieve more and look forward to more training.
Many dogs love to fetch, others love just running, and other dogs simply like obedience training, or going out into water and to retrieve.  find out at the start  what your dogs love doing and show them how to develop this, what I am trying to say is work with your dog. The other point is to make training enjoyable and most importantly reward your dog with some form of treat .
The three main rewards are:
Food- anything from a single dry biscuit to a whole piece of sausage!
Affection- pats, cuddles, lots of high verbal praise
Toys- games, throwing a stick or other object, chasing your dog etc.
Your dog is always going to work harder if you are fair in your training. Even if you do not want to use food you should make sure that you use affection accordingly when your dog obeys you and does well

If you want to use food rewards then always follow these simple tips:

Always vary the food rewards
Do not give food rewards all the time
Never let your dog know what the reward is
If your dog doesn’t come to you first time then do not give them the reward

The third key to achieving perfection is practice!

Learning how to encourage behavior that is closer to what you want than the last is the third key to success. Again this is where rewards come in so handy! Motivate and then show your dog what it is that you want and there is no need for any negative training!
If you really want to sort out your dog behavior problems and have a better relationship with your dog, then videos are the best tools…and The Online Dog Trainer could be the perfect resource for you. This SPCA-endorsed membership website by Doggy Dan, a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, contains over 100 detailed dog training videos.
The Online Dog Trainer makes dog training easy, fast, and fun. With the help of this website, you can have a much better and more loving relationship with your dog.

One of the best sites that shows you all of this and more is The Online Dog Trainer, put together by top Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan. CLICK HERE:

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